I have a webpage now.
As such, the blog as moved there. This is the last post here. The direct link (for the TRULY lazy) is http://www.rook-lv.com/



Today is my birthday. I'm 28. Still alive and kickin'! YAY!!!!


New hotness

So, no car yet. That's on hold pending a decent down payment amount. BUT, new camera (that means more pictures of events in my life. YAY!). Moving to a new place. Nice house with an awesome yard and grass and stuffs. Hot water for the WHOLE shower. Clean dishes from the dishwasher. And space. space is good. Rents nice. Can't complain there. Possible interview for a new job (more details to come). New office chair. New whiskey (tullamore dew, 12 year. Had to be done). New year coming up. I think I see new body jewelry on the horizon (no new holes. Just new things to put in existing ones). Gonna see some new friends I made at ren faire this weekend. New bike gloves (really nice specialized brand gloves. Makes riding a more pleasurable experience). October was ass-tastic. November was looking up. And so far, it looks like December is shaping up to a pretty decent time for me and my baby.

In other news:

WoW has taken over my evenings. It is OH MY GOD fun. Makes up for my disappointment in city of heroes. Which was pretty unsatisfactory. I would liken it to getting a decent cut of beef slatheres in lumpy, unseasoned grave after being burnt. You know.. for texture. WoW is like the same cut of beef, not quite cooked to perfection, but accompanied by a really awesome set of side dishes, seasoned well, and served with friends at a discounted price. Could it be better, sure. Could it be worse, oh HELL YES!

Oh, and there's this:

Click the link for the full picture. Grab yourself some 80's fashion, and celebrate with us. No excuses (outside of "I'm, like, a million miles away, man.)! Bring your own whatevers. And guests are welcome at your own risk, if we don't like them, they have to go.


...and then

Shit like last night happens when I wonder if some people really don't deserve to be put into small cages, tortured and killed for thier hide in the least humane way possible...